No Fear

I was told once that False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. was the TRUE definition of FEAR! It’s letting out what you want everyone else to think or know about you but hiding all the truth that lies/lyes within you. I now believe it!!! If we all could live our life a little bit more open to who we are and accepting who we are, then fear isn’t as present and things become a lot more clear. Self confidence & less to hide…. And having those few friends that you may can count on one hand that you can talk to makes a world of difference. I don’t have it all figured out and I definitely have a long ways to go. I never said I was perfect. I’m far from it. You can ask my mom & dad Because I could never hide anything from them and when I finally figured out that I couldn’t I finally told them everything and continue to tell them everything and it feels so much better. Because I am now able to just be me bc of the ones that I love and are closest to me. It’s still hard at times because I’m human and I have my own perspective and feelings about life but I don’t ever have to worry about who I am not being honest with because family is the root of it all. From there, finally I can grow….:And I’m so thankful that they have loved me and supported me and pushed me to be who I am every step of the way. Thank you mom and dad! I’m continuously learning a lot along the way from myself and other people. This is the main purpose of life. The rest is just details that we fill in along the way and has more to do with money than anything of purity from the outcome of who we truly are!

My dog talks too

Now a note from Harley 

on a funny note:

 I’ve learned a lot from my dog actually. 

From the time that I got her after I had just lost another golden retriever named Marley,named after the artist Bob Marley,  he was such a chill and amazing dog who loved to chase tennis balls, swim in the water, ride in the car and be with me and mostly LOVED/LIVED to be 5 yrs old. About eight months after im guessing, it was a sad time for me still and yet a sad time for another Lady who had a golden retriever that was moving and couldn’t take her with her. 

Harley needed love and attention too and I’m so glad that someone in between reached out and connected us. We didn’t know each other but yet the person in between knew two people that knew dogs & knew someone that would love them.

 I love that about dog people! 

So you know: 

we communicate by words but with dogs, they communicate by (a noise that can be loud or bitchy/i mean PITCHY and we don’t always like the way it sounds so we call it)”barking” Well not only does my dog love to bark but she loves to take what we call wood or bark from the wood and she likes to chew it up into small pieces. So when I’m making a fire or am trying to build a wood pile, she’s constantly taking the pieces of wood that are small and she just chews them up into small pieces. 

Hey for me it makes it easier for keeping the fire lit so I don’t complain…. 

However when I actually watched her do it and I think about the word bark and how she communicates, she’s just breaking things up into small pieces. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Even when she’s taking her food from her bowl and literally stringing it across the carpet in order to eat it and it makes me a little bit uncomfortable,  for her she just needs to see it before she eats it. I get it. Sometimes you need to see things in small bits before you can actually comprehend what you’re about to do. 

So….. my dog Harley told me: 

 to think a lot….and sometimes break things down and then just execute it. It’s pretty simple. Be loving, be loyal, and do what you love. That’s what my dog taught me. The rest will follow!




Yes I live alone. There are sometimes that I feel lonely. Who doesn’t at times? For the most part though I am surrounded by people. I visit my grandmother who is 95 and I love her dearly and I choose to spend Wednesdays from 2 to 8 with her for free. I show up to a job every day well as long as I have clients but mostly every day. I listen to my clients and I get to know them as a person. I show up to commitments that I make. And I learned to cut out those that I don’t need. I talk to friends on the phone almost daily. I visit my family pretty often. We are close. I play golf at least once to two times a month with some awesome ladies that also enjoy the sport and discipline. I care about people. These are all some of the reasons why I write. I truly love people in my life and I want to share. I’m a SHARER and very emotional & I’m no longer ashamed of it.. I’m a writer. I’m an in my head serious person but yet knows how to laugh and how to have a good time. I like being ignorant to a lot of the news. I like being ignorant to all the negative energy in the world and I choose the positive because it helps me grow. I honestly just don’t care what people think anymore because what people think is not important to me. That source of love and energy that gives me hope and faith is what is important to me. It always has been, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to deal with the world that has a lot of negative energy that continues to hold you back from what you were truly here for. To be limitless and full of love and to have a purpose that is constantly changing to make you a better person. So am I alone? I don’t know….am I? 

Go on… I DARE You!

Yep! I remember from childhood being left by the school bus…. my mom was in her Pajamas… put me in the car and chased the bus… miss Avery! She got an earful… i just had to get on the bus after all that… Ironically funny it turned out later William (my brother) dated and really liked her daughter… i just know it’s random facts and funny jokes from our past that makes us such romantics! Fun loving beings that can say we were loved and still are loved deeply by family first! No matter our current, our families mean “roots” and drive us into many decisions. I have so many fond memories of childhood as well as the adventures of growing up as a stubborn teenager and now I’m still creating new experiences to enjoy my life as it is now.  Writing has always been an outlet. While I needed many outlets as a child, I am now finally as an adult creating those outlets. I care more about time, mainly quality time with those that I love and I care about much more than any bit of physical work that involves money because in those moments, money is so involved that at the end of the day, you wonder, how could I have spent my day otherwise. I just hope that my clients always love spending their time with me. I know while I always enjoy receiving their blessings of money,  I do also enjoy spending time getting to know each of them: As a person!

I dare you to get to know people for who they are truly on the inside without judgment!

Just be real

Just be real:

If you can’t be honest about who you are to yourself, how can you expect anybody else to believe you? What holds you from opening up into the world of possibilities where you can live your life free of fears and yes limitless?  When the world before you has told you and basically taught you that you have limits, boundaries that you cannot cross, who were those people or institutions, those controllers that are standing behind those bold words? As you’ve been told what to do and how to be, have you actually believed those people or was there always this constant inward pull of wanting your own voice to be heard? If you’re living your true self, and allowing the truest thoughts, words and actions to be what you live your life about, do you listen to your inner self, your soul, or do you listen to what everyone else has been telling you to be? I’ve met far too many people that live with such great fears that they don’t allow themselves to experience their own freedom in this world. It’s like we truly are in a constant unending slavery! Those that we love the most and are the closest to, our immediate family or coworkers even at times, unfortunately are the ones that we are afraid to know our truest self. Isn’t that a shame? Or is it from guilt? Well I personally believe that it was both that were taught as a child that you need to feel both of them emotions. To whose benefit? Not the child’s, that’s for sure.  However I will end on a good note! There are truly a rare few unique individuals that search within in order to live their life. Those are the few that I choose to spend the majority of my time with. I enjoy the freedom to just be me or to be quiet or to be happy or to be full of laughter or to be anything I want to be, because I love me and I am comfortable in my own skin and I am excepted just as i am! And those people are the true godsend. Angels here on earth per se. To me they are the few that have chosen to not take the easy path. Although it may be easy, it may not be right for you.  So don’t miss out on life, just be real!