To all my brothas & sistas

You got to train your brain to change your thoughts my bro. That’s all I can say. Once you learn that, it’s a game changer. Really hope you do. Because I have learned a big lesson in life. Everything that you want to happen 90% of the time is not gonna happen. However there’s a 10% chance that everything aligns and it’s perfectly great. But it’s only temporary. If you cannot be OK with your own self by yourself, something’s wrong. I’m just letting you know that we’re supposed to learn how to be individuals on this earth. Once we figure that out, then we will be ready to involve another person. But they probably won’t be there either. So Patience is always required. Things are not like they used to be. Not in our generation. You have got to be in full control of your own self first. I say all this because I love you. And I really want the best for you. But your thoughts have got to change.

One more thing, we are human because of our intelligence. When you feel out of line with everything in your life, you are not in touch with your own intelligence. It’s called self sabotage!!!That’s it! Get to know YOU better!!!!

That’s my advice. I’m done. You can delete me if you want to. But I do love you so very much and I’m only telling you what I have learned. I’m not trying to change you or make you think like me, I just want you to know what I have figured out but I have not perfected. I am definitely not perfect in any sense of where I should be. Life is a work in progress. It’s not supposed to be suffering all the time. Only we determine that!!!



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