Are we a research?

There are many different questions and beliefs & opinions on why we are here and ultimately I’ve been told my whole life that the Bible told us everything as a tool to join in on the re- search from within. As from the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and then he went forward to create everything else that he needed. So does God need us? I believe God does.

Yet I believe that he needed us to fulfill some type of prophecy or research. As far as the Bible teaches, in the beginning God created Adam and Eve, and yes he created Steve too…and tested them. To me God created curiosity:

Simply because if you tell any child not to do something, their first response is to wonder why! And we’re told not to question God but yet how else can you cultivate a relationship with anyone without questions.

Sometimes since men are told what to do and they typically listen Because a lot of them were taught to not even have a lot of emotion. They were just taught how to work hard and make a career and build a family and keep doing it. Not all of them do, then There are some that make a lot of time for their family and they care for them deeply and that’s why they do it with lots of emotions. Women have had A big role too & out of pure curiosity all their lives so yeah so what if she went and told Adam it’s OK to taste the fruit of knowledge? Then they became fruitful and sexual & realized what the rest the world was about. God created everything right?So we too through God created all the differences between us as well as the government and the way that our world has been divided, it was all created by God. And it has become pure chaos not because the devil has been let loose altogether, it’s because he who has lived, now, read that backwards when you get to the “lived”  part was also apart of (a part)of the devil. I really do believe that in some sort of way we are here for a purpose that God has needed in order to reach some other understanding of what is yet to come. 

So no I don’t believe that any race or sexual preference or divine marriage has ever been a mistake. I simply believe that we all have our own free will that God gave us. And in order to live through it all we must except what we cannot control and yet except that we are here and that we have to make the very best of how to live amongst other people. And we don’t have to sacrifice our own individuality just to make that happen. 

So again, why are we here? What is the purpose? Beyond just what the Bible says?

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