A funny GOLF story

Here’s a toke to one of my favorite folk:

Life is like this game that we’re playing. Some people would call it golf …..Go.On.Life Flows! And while for some of those people that don’t like GOLF they’re still good people I suppose. But playing the game is real, it’s a self discipline and with others you don’t have to deal. You can play with some of your favorite people and it magnifies the game but it’s not one of those competitive sports, it’s all about what score is under your name. So it’s more about self discipline not so much competition that keeps your life in order, because if you were only worried about beating everyone else you’d still be on the border.  I will have to say at the end of Friday we may take a toke, however I need to be able to drive so that my license doesn’t get revoked. LOL I love you peeps, golfers, nongolfers, you’re ok too! Enjoy life much, have a good night, see you soon.

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