Don’t judge me on my depth: i just like going into depth! 😂 Because I like poetry, art, writing, letting out all forms of feelings basically, I have some food for thought:
If you were a tree and you were to take a serious look at all of your branches that help you make up that tree, when would you cut all the pieces that no longer serve you? What makes you hold onto them? For some it could be jobs, for some it could be relationships, for some it could be old patterns or behaviors that are destructive, for me at some point all of these have been a part of my tree. I’m still learning how to let go of the parts of me that aren’t really living. If things are still in a bad way, stagnant, just simply doesn’t feel good, let it go. It’ll find its place and you were not responsible for that. You are only responsible for your tree. All of those things were put into your life for a reason and it is to learn from them, eventually the leaves change. Some will stay with you and live through it all, some will die and they need to go. So I just say let what needs to be….. be!

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