No Fear

I was told once that False. Evidence. Appearing. Real. was the TRUE definition of FEAR! It’s letting out what you want everyone else to think or know about you but hiding all the truth that lies/lyes within you. I now believe it!!! If we all could live our life a little bit more open to who we are and accepting who we are, then fear isn’t as present and things become a lot more clear. Self confidence & less to hide…. And having those few friends that you may can count on one hand that you can talk to makes a world of difference. I don’t have it all figured out and I definitely have a long ways to go. I never said I was perfect. I’m far from it. You can ask my mom & dad Because I could never hide anything from them and when I finally figured out that I couldn’t I finally told them everything and continue to tell them everything and it feels so much better. Because I am now able to just be me bc of the ones that I love and are closest to me. It’s still hard at times because I’m human and I have my own perspective and feelings about life but I don’t ever have to worry about who I am not being honest with because family is the root of it all. From there, finally I can grow….:And I’m so thankful that they have loved me and supported me and pushed me to be who I am every step of the way. Thank you mom and dad! I’m continuously learning a lot along the way from myself and other people. This is the main purpose of life. The rest is just details that we fill in along the way and has more to do with money than anything of purity from the outcome of who we truly are!

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