My dog talks too

Now a note from Harley 

on a funny note:

 I’ve learned a lot from my dog actually. 

From the time that I got her after I had just lost another golden retriever named Marley,named after the artist Bob Marley,  he was such a chill and amazing dog who loved to chase tennis balls, swim in the water, ride in the car and be with me and mostly LOVED/LIVED to be 5 yrs old. About eight months after im guessing, it was a sad time for me still and yet a sad time for another Lady who had a golden retriever that was moving and couldn’t take her with her. 

Harley needed love and attention too and I’m so glad that someone in between reached out and connected us. We didn’t know each other but yet the person in between knew two people that knew dogs & knew someone that would love them.

 I love that about dog people! 

So you know: 

we communicate by words but with dogs, they communicate by (a noise that can be loud or bitchy/i mean PITCHY and we don’t always like the way it sounds so we call it)”barking” Well not only does my dog love to bark but she loves to take what we call wood or bark from the wood and she likes to chew it up into small pieces. So when I’m making a fire or am trying to build a wood pile, she’s constantly taking the pieces of wood that are small and she just chews them up into small pieces. 

Hey for me it makes it easier for keeping the fire lit so I don’t complain…. 

However when I actually watched her do it and I think about the word bark and how she communicates, she’s just breaking things up into small pieces. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Even when she’s taking her food from her bowl and literally stringing it across the carpet in order to eat it and it makes me a little bit uncomfortable,  for her she just needs to see it before she eats it. I get it. Sometimes you need to see things in small bits before you can actually comprehend what you’re about to do. 

So….. my dog Harley told me: 

 to think a lot….and sometimes break things down and then just execute it. It’s pretty simple. Be loving, be loyal, and do what you love. That’s what my dog taught me. The rest will follow!

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