Yes I live alone. There are sometimes that I feel lonely. Who doesn’t at times? For the most part though I am surrounded by people. I visit my grandmother who is 95 and I love her dearly and I choose to spend Wednesdays from 2 to 8 with her for free. I show up to a job every day well as long as I have clients but mostly every day. I listen to my clients and I get to know them as a person. I show up to commitments that I make. And I learned to cut out those that I don’t need. I talk to friends on the phone almost daily. I visit my family pretty often. We are close. I play golf at least once to two times a month with some awesome ladies that also enjoy the sport and discipline. I care about people. These are all some of the reasons why I write. I truly love people in my life and I want to share. I’m a SHARER and very emotional & I’m no longer ashamed of it.. I’m a writer. I’m an in my head serious person but yet knows how to laugh and how to have a good time. I like being ignorant to a lot of the news. I like being ignorant to all the negative energy in the world and I choose the positive because it helps me grow. I honestly just don’t care what people think anymore because what people think is not important to me. That source of love and energy that gives me hope and faith is what is important to me. It always has been, it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to deal with the world that has a lot of negative energy that continues to hold you back from what you were truly here for. To be limitless and full of love and to have a purpose that is constantly changing to make you a better person. So am I alone? I don’t know….am I? 

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